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Jul 13, 2012

Banana Boats

Ever since the wintertime when I saw this recipe I knew I couldn't wait until summer to make these!
We were up north at our family's cottage and it was the perfect time to bust this recipe out!
Pardon the photos....all i had on my was my phone camera and I didn't even snap a pic when it was all cooked and melted.....that's because I ate it so fast!

Bananas-as many as you need.  1 per person. 
Chocolate chips, 
 peanut butter chips,
 mini marshmallows, 
sweetened coconut 
Seriously.....any topping you want!


  1. Choose your bananas.
  2. Slit the bananas lengthwise.
  3. Stuff them with any combination of toppings you desire. 
  4. Wrap them in foil and place on the grill or oven! Grill with the cover on until toppings get melty and delicious.
  5. Eat with a spoon!

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