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Apr 5, 2013

Flour Tortillas

I've been wanting to make flour tortillas myself for a while now, and I finally did it!
I used them for cilantro lime chicken tacos, recipe here.
They turned out just like my grandmother used to make them, and all you do is add water to this mix.
It is SO easy!

Here is the mix you need, I found it at Walmart.

Then you just add water to the amount you need and create little dough balls.

Then roll each one out, 
make sure you put flour on the surface your working on and also the rolling pin,
and roll, roll, roll!

Place then on a medium-high griddle and cook until each side just barely browns.

I then place mine in a tortilla warmer until right before we eat them!


  1. How much did the mix cost and roughly how many tortillas does it make? This looks extremely tempting!

    1. Libby- The bag is only like $3 something, plus I only used 1 cup of the mix to make 6 tortillas.
      They seriously tasted just like my grandmother used to make them....for a fraction of the work!

    2. Awesome! Thanks, Crystal.

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