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Dec 28, 2012

Quote Friday

The parenting journey of discovery can be an intense roller coaster of experiences and emotions.
When your child has special needs, that roller coaster has additional loops, whirls, inclines, cones, and steep falls- some scary, some joyful, and exciting.
The speed of the ride, the jerks and starts, the spins and drops, can be as upsetting as they are invigorating to both parent and child.
There are many potential bumps on the road to getting and accepting a child's special needs diagnosis and even more challenges to face when that road widens to include external supports, expert recommendations, and treatment.
No matter what diagnosis and what avenue of treatment, 
you, your child, and your support people embark on, it's important to remember that EVERY child is a gift. Your child is a beautiful puzzle that you help put together with the nurturing love and attention that is a parent's greatest strength. 
Some puzzles are simple,
others a little more complicated.
But, as parents, we are forever connected to our children, 
helping to define and strengthen the interlocking pieces that make them who they are, and forming a bigger, clearer picture together.

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