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Jul 2, 2011

apple pie

Back during Memorial Weekend I began my journey......
to make a pie & pie crust (the hardest part) from scratch.
My hubby LOVES pies, hands down his favorite dessert.
He doesn't like cake, cupcakes, cookies, but oh does he love fruit pies.
So, I asked him what pie he would like me to make and he said apple.
So off we went to make an apple pie!

I had good intentions, but as I began preparing the pie ingredients I realized that because it was a stressful weekend with the kids, I didn't have time to whip up a crust in time to meet friends for dinner. So I just bought pre-made crusts.

I diced up all the apples.....

Got the top crust all laid out & ready......
Boiled the filling on the stovetop......
Then I read the recipe & did as follows.....

Pour the hot mixture over top the entire pie (top crust included) & bake.
Well, I did that & the enture top crust basically disintegrated.
I baked it anyway & it came out looking O.k.a.y.....
but it didn't settle well & pretty much made apple soup.
First attempt at a homemade pie....FAIL!

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