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Jun 12, 2013

Angel Food Cake Skewers

This was a super simple dessert that I whipped up one night for an activity.
They are light, super easy to make, and very addicting.

All you need is:
Angel food cake
chocolate ( I used dove individual wrapped ones)
wooden skewers
wax paper (optional)

To assemble all you need to do is cut up the angel food cake into small squares and dice up the strawberries in half.
Then get your skewers ready and alternate putting on angel food cake and strawberries.
When that is all finished unwrap as much chocolate as you need,
I think I did like 20 chocolates.
Then place in a microwave safe bowl and slowly let it melt in the microwave.
Constantly check it and stir it.
Do not let it burn.
Then set out some wax paper for when you pour the chocolate on top.

Then when the chocolate is to a desired consistency, drizzle the chocolate over top.
Remember to put the skewers on top of a piece of wax paper.

Then let them cool and let the chocolate harden.
Then after setting, they will be ready to eat!


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