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May 24, 2012

Crystal's Creation salad!

For my birthday I requested to go to J. Alexander's because i am in LOVE with their salad.
A few weeks later I was craving it again, so I decided to re-create it myself!

Crystal's creation salad
romaine or butter lettuce
fried up chicken tenders, chopped
hard boiled eggs
bacon crumbles
any dressing you like! I use honey mustard

First off, I cut my avocado in half and turn it so that the ball inside easily pops out.
Then I slice each half like this and then use a spoon to get between the skin and the inside and scoop it out.

Then I throw everything together and it is just PERFECTION.
The lettuce gives it great crunch, the chicken is warm and moist, and the avocado gives it just the right amount of creaminess!
Pair it with some breadsticks and you've got yourself a delicious dinner!

You can also add cornbread croutons on it, and it will be complete!
The recipe for Cornbread Croutons is here.

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